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Sooner the Sunset — Sooner the Sunset



Their chemistry is undeniable, and from
the sound of this self-titled debut EP, the two bring out the very best
of each other — no small feat for artists who are incredible in their
own right.

The pair finds the perfect blend of pop and indie folk, crafting songs that recall the likes of Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers, and seem destined for similar success.

Lead track “All Because of You” sounds bound to soundtrack some bubbly romantic-comedy trailer, the sort of infectious and charming ditty that no one can resist. “Mark Set Go” and “Long After I’m Gone” favors country pop to still strong results before the gentle lullaby “Helium Heart” closes the disc down.

There’s no weak moment in this debut; it’s pure, sunny, Southern goodness tight and simple enough for anyone to enjoy. —Joshua Boydston

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