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SoonerCon hosting 'Rocky Horror' live shadowcast



Since its release in 1975, the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" has become legendary for its obsessive fans and lively showings. On Friday, SoonerCon will host one of them with a "shadowcast," with performers pantomiming the action playing behind them on screen.

"We're there to ham it up. We're here to make fun of the film," said Brandy Richardson-Tidmore. "That's why everybody goes there. That's why they pull the rice, the guns and the toast. Sexual-transvestite aliens coming from outer space, running around singing songs "? that's so ridiculous."

A lampoon on cheesy horror flicks of the past, "Rocky Horror" "? itself a stage adaptation "? never found its niche until repeated midnight showings made it a cult classic.

"Being someone who's just seen the movie, the first time just makes no sense," participant Taylor Burrows said. "When you watch a movie, you try to make sense of it. Nah, if you're going to watch it for the first time, go watch it live."

The live performers are there to induce the crowd to enjoy the movie as much as they do. The last thing they want to do is take any of it seriously.

"When we do that, it's time to hang it up and go home," Robert Howard said. "The whole point of this is not to do it exactly the same way they did on the movie or in the stage show. The point is to go out and have a blast, to show everybody that we enjoy this movie just because it's what we enjoy." "?Charles Martin


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