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Soundcheck: Junebug Spade — Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Things crackle to life on this short disc, goofily titled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” by layering Peter Seay’s great, big, grinning voice over his vintage, red dirt-crunching guitars (reinforced by fellow riffing ace AJ Sadeghi), which lick their way across the opening track, “Aborigine.”

“EVOO” makes for a fun, heavily stoned 18 minutes of music, from the off-kilter rhythm of “My Lover” to “Public Display of Affection”’s appropriately playful tempo and the conflicting guitars on “She’s Mine,” which seem to be engaged in a pretty heated argument.

The EP creeps along at a lecherous pace, and seethes with as much romantic desire as it does self-destruction. So it’s pretty much in line with most of the music the Rolling Stones ever recorded. Locally, Junebug Spade seems to compare as The Pretty Black Chains’ stoner cousins.

The album’s out now, and you can snag it for $5 at —Matt Carney

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