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Soundcheck: Woody Awards nominations



Back after a long year of rocking and rolling, hipping and hopping, twanging and clapping, Oklahoma Gazette’s Woody Awards are once again calling for nominations.

You may nominate up to three bands in as many of the categories as you wish by commenting on this article with your picks (see the example below). Please be sure to enter your nominations for multiple categories in one post. Nominating two separate times in the same category is disallowed. Nominations after March 7 will not be accepted. You may also vote by emailing me at

The categories are:
—Best in Rock
—Best in Pop  
—Best in Folk
—Best in Jazz
—Best in Metal
—Best in Country
—Best in Blues
—Best in Rap/Hip-Hop
—Best in R&B
—Best in Electronic
—Best DJ
—Best Cover Band
—Best Emerging Act
—Best Record Store
—Best Live Music Venue
—Best Music Information Source (other than Oklahoma Gazette)
—People’s Choice

Example ballot:
-Best in Metal: Trollpunt, Quorthorn's Lament, Bill Paxton and the Angry Druids
-Best DJ: DJ Jazzy Geoffrey, Dopecision
-Best in Rap/Hip-hop: Lil' Skeetz
-Best Cover Band: Elton Juan

Vote now, or forever hold your peace! —Matt Carney

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