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Local bands will be putting on a fundraiser concert to support access to reproductive healthcare.



While the lineup is comprised primarily of women for the Bans Off Our Bodies fundraiser show, it wasn’t by design.

“We were like, ‘Is it weird that it's all women? It's fine. Let's just do it,’” co-organizer Kris Dahlgren said. “That was not intentional, but it is all kind of very accessible, nice, fun, kind of dreamy, poppy music. We want this event to be really fun, because we know this issue is really depressing and we don't need to remind anyone of how depressing it is. We want everyone to come and raise money and have a really good time, and I think all of these bands are things that you can dance to and are enjoyable to I would say just about anybody.”

Labrys, Stepmom, Nia Mone, Maddie Razook and Keathley are scheduled to play the event Aug. 21 at Beer City Music Hall. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.

The event was suggested by Laal Shams and Don Eisenberg has also helped organize.

“Laal has been raising money for The Roe Fund for several years now by selling these T-shirts. that say, ‘Keep abortion safe and legal,’ so this event really got started with her,” Dahlgren said.

“Between me and Laal and Don, we just made a list of like 15 local bands that we were interested in and their availability and narrowed it down to these five people, so yeah, just kind of our favorite local bands,” she said.

“We reached out to Beer City and Chad [Whitehead] was super on board. Beer City's actually donating their 30 percent of the cut to The Roe Fund also, so almost all of the money from the event is going directly to The Roe Fund, which is awesome.”

"We value the importance of access to healthcare for all Americans and are proud to host this abortion access benefit show at Beer City Music Hall. Abortion is healthcare,” Whitehead said.

A large number of raffle items have already been donated, which along with the T-shirts, will also be used to raise money. Emergency contraceptives, like Plan B, will be distributed free of charge, Dahlgren said.

The American Civil Liberties Union, Freedom Oklahoma, Out of Harm’s Way, Period OKC and The Roe Fund will all have tables at the fundraiser.

Proceeds will benefit The Roe Fund, which provides financial and emotional assistance for reproductive services as well as provides connections to other health resources and Indigenous Women Rising, who provide resources to Native and Indigenous women.

There are no additional fundraiser shows the trio has planned at the moment.

“Since Roe fell, it's been pretty sad, but there have just been so many awesome benefits happening for abortion access, so I feel like this is just one of many happening in our state, which is exciting. So even if we're not going to carry it on, I know that many other people in our state will,” Dahlgren said.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 day of show.


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