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The Oklahoma State University men's basketball team was playing well as the season wound down. But their NCAA tournament first round opponent had a secret weapon to tame the OSU Cowboys: no cell phones.

The New York Times reported the head coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets put in place a ban on the wireless talking devices as a means of creating team unity. Coach Paul Hewitt told the Times not having the cell phones causes players (brace yourself) to talk more.

What? Not having a cell phone makes people have to talk to the people around them? Can this be done? The coach seems to think so.

"'Maybe it's just my paranoia, but I feel better," Hewitt said.

The ban started before the Yellow Jackets started play in their conference tournament a few weeks ago. The team won three games during the tournament, which helped secure a spot in the NCAA tournament for the national championship.

The players seem to like the idea.

"Free your mind up a little bit," guard Lance Storrs said to the Times. "Every two seconds, somebody's hitting us up, calling us, texting us."

Another Yellow Jacket, D'Andre Bell, told the Times giving up cell phones "can be very tough."

"But I like it a lot," Bell said. "Just me and my teammates. More focus. Everyone's their own person."

The players do have limits, however. Hewitt said he couldn't ban headphones. So if the players can't talk to their friends, at least they can still listen to Jay-Z.

The ban worked for one more game with a 64-59 win against the Cowboys. However, Georgia Tech lost their game in the next round. What can they ban next?

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