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Sources questioning GOP contributions related to recount last year



Amid the backdrop of a current investigation into Republican campaign contributions from 2004, sources inside the party have questioned contributions made for a vote recount last November.

Rep. Todd Thomsen, R-Ada, won House District 25 last year after a recount declared him the winner two weeks following the election. The House Republican leadership organized a fund-raising effort to aid Thomsen in his recount request.

Sources said it was at a caucus meeting after the election where contributions were solicited for the recount. According to campaign reports, five House Republicans wrote checks to the Oklahoma County Republican Committee on the day of the meeting. Two of those members told Oklahoma Gazette their contributions were intended to aid Thomsen's recount effort.

Contributions from candidates to parties or committees cannot be earmarked, said University of Oklahoma political science professor and election law expert Keith Gaddie. Records show the county committee did not give any money for the vote recount.

Rep. Trebor Worthen, R-Oklahoma City, said he checked with the state Ethics Commission before raising any funds and followed all rules and regulations concerning raising and reporting contributions.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Oklahoma Gazette. "Scott Cooper


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