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South Park: Imaginationland




Although no longer a cultural phenomenon, Comedy Central's long-running "South Park" is still rude, still crude "¦ and still pretty damned funny. Somehow, co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have managed to maintain its cutting edge for more than a full decade now, and this "movie" "? really just three episodes from the 10th season "? proves it.


After briefly capturing a leprechaun, the boys are taken from their snowy Colorado home to Imaginationland, a whimsical fantasy village where every fictional character every created "? Care Bears, Jason Voorhees, Jesus Christ (hey, I didn't write it) "? reside. Unfortunately, a terrorist act upon Imaginationland threatens to release the most hideous enemy imaginable into the real world: the creature known as Manbearpig.


Oh, and there's a purposely tasteless subplot involving a Supreme Court fight, a contract and Cartman's scrotum. Let's leave it at that.


Those who dislike the show aren't going to be swayed by this special uncensored release, but more casual viewers may find it more appealing than usual, given all the horrible treatment copyrighted characters like Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald receive.


Enjoy, but if you let your kids watch, I'm calling DHS.


"?Rod Lott


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