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Space Hike gets kids outside, into the solar system



Space Hike
Martin Park Nature Center
5000 W. Memorial
Saturday, $2 per participant
755-0676 to register

Kids can join a guided tour through the stars and solar system at Martin Park Nature Center, 5000 W. Memorial.

The Martin Park Space Hike features a miniature array of papier-mché planets built to scale on the site's trails. On Saturday, park workers will lead children through the solar system and teach them about each of the planets and life in outer space.

"It's like being guided by a Martian," said park naturalist Casey Lindo. The hike will blend make-believe and science, Lindo said, and the kids will learn how rotation and revolution affect life on various planets.

The hike starts at 4 p.m. and lasts roughly 90 minutes, she said. If the weather cooperates, kids will look through a telescope to get a better look at the stars afterward, Lindo said. A local astronomy club will be on hand for the stargazing and to answer any questions about constellations.

"Owls will also be calling, and kids will have the chance to be in the park, outside with a guide, and experience all the nocturnal animals coming out for their shift," she said. "It's really a neat time of the year out in the forest."

The Space Hike is $2 per participant. To register, call 755-0676. "Joe Wertz

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