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Take a step inside Balliets, 5801 N.W. Grand, and the apparel choice is simple. Owner DeDe Benham said it’s all about dresses with a splash of color.

“Short- and long-sleeve dresses are just as important as the gowns,” she said. “Colored sparkles and sequins are all over the dresses.”

To complete the look, she recommended adding a sweater or a leather jacket. She noted that a leather jacket can go with virtually any type of dress, including an evening gown. Her only advice is not to wear the jacket if it is distressed. The leather easily complements such rich fabrics as velvet or satin, in addition to the things that give a bit of bling.

Ties on display at Steven Giles

“Purple, lots of gold and silver are in for the holidays,” Benham said. “Black is always good.”

Like Balliet’s, Tiger Lily, 1489 E. 15th in Edmond, sells a number of items that instantly can transform anything modest into something festive.

By incorporating an accessory or two — a belt, a clutch purse or earrings — a cute top or little black dress can be glammed up for a glittery, subtle look.

“It’s a fun time in the fashion world,” said Vonda Christensen, store manager.

One of the most popular items for a more casual look is scarves. They offer a variety of colors, as well as ones with beads and shimmer —just one way to boost to your winter wardrobe.

“There is a ton of ways to tie (scarves),” she said. “There are different ways to wear them, from one on your purse to one tied around your neck.”

And fellas, time to ditch those Grinch ties and reindeer vests. Instead, opt for some classic fashion additions that can carry on throughout the year.

For a dressier look, check out a bow tie. These aren’t like back in Grandpa’s day. They can easily accompany a suit or under a V-neck sweater.

“We do a lot of bow ties because they are a trendy little thing,” said Brent Giles of Steven Giles, 5850 N. Classen Blvd. “Men are not wearing ties as much, so pocket squares are the new tie, if you will. They are a neat thing to dress up jeans or a sport coat.”

As with the trend in women’s fashion, Giles echoes purple’s popularity in men’s wear.

“Purple is big,” he said. “Our whole store is purple, navy and gray.”

For an understated tactic to the holiday madness, socks provide a cool alternative.

“Socks show you can still have fun and a little personality,” said Caleb Arter, owner of Blue Seven, 7518 N. May.

These little foot warmers deliver color to enhance what you are wearing. Argyles, stripes and richly hued solids are anything but boring.

Opt to sparkle this season!"

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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