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It seems that my upbringing was very different from J. Simms ("Sick of it," Gazette, June 30). The most important lesson my parents taught me was to judge a person by their character, not the color of their skin, their religion or sexual preference.

The term "liberal" is a huge bucket of many acceptances and tolerances. Believe it or not, J. Simms, that tolerance includes you and what appears to be your narrow-minded view of how life has gone on around you and " like it or not " without you.

The many dollars earned and spent in OKC by "the gays" is very substantial. "The gays" have by far the best community involvement and longevity with home ownership and employment. The very fact that I feel the need to categorize "the gays" makes me mentally and physically ill.

I am certain in all parts of OKC you will be met with opinions that differ from yours and mine. My greatest wish is that I will not be the only voice that steps up to try to quiet the ignorant and intolerant voices of the J. Simms of the world.

"Mary George
Oklahoma City

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