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‘Speaking truth to power’



I wish all of those in the article, many of whom I have had the privilege to know, were with us to witness the changes in Oklahoma City and the United States since 1969. I am humbled by all they did and by those who continue to make personal sacrifices to bring justice.

However, it is important to remember both those who continue to believe in intolerance and those who are simply indifferent or afraid are still with us. The Gazette story just five pages earlier about reactions to Councilman Ed Shadid’s proposed ordinance to add “sexual orientation” to the city’s nondiscrimination policy (News, Clifton Adcock, “Delayed reaction”) offers ample testimony to this.

Speaking truth to power often entails personal and political cost. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to the courage and work of those whose stories the article told than for the City Council to pass this ordinance.

—David Nickell
Oklahoma City

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