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Spin city



Once the home to posh joints such as The Eagle’s Nest and Nikz at the Top back when the building
was called the United Founders Tower (those idyllic days when we were
all united), the location at 5900 Mosteller Drive has been empty since

But good times
might be ahead for that storied 20th floor. The Deep Fork Restaurant
Group is working with the building’s Tulsa-based owners to establish a
special-events facility and lounge at the top of Founders.

The would-be place will be named The Chandelle Room, in honor of the first restaurant to open there back in 1963.

don’t book it just yet. Delays have pushed the projected opening to
next summer, and possibly later. We at CFN are breathlessly awaiting the
return of that revolving 360-degree view and the chance to make
ourselves dizzy on gin while trying to spy our car in the parking lot

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