It’s almost a sport to rummage through stacks of records, whether you’re at an estate sale, garage sale or record shop. One never knows what will be discovered, trash or treasure. Will it be an album of an unknown recording artist? Something with fantastic cover art? A rare find or a current-day favorite?

And no matter the music emanating from stereo speakers, it always seems to sound just a little better when a record needle is involved.

Try the little treasure trove Trolley Stop Record Shop (1807 N. Classen Blvd., 208-8833) for reasonably priced records from an array of decades and genres.

Owned by a true collector, John Dunning, Trolley is stocked frequently with records purchased from estate sales, so it pays to pop by regularly to nab hidden gems and rare pressings.

If you happen to like cats and record-collecting, Guestroom Records (3701 N. Western; 601-3859) is a great place to browse. Tony! Toni! Toné! — the store’s resident feline, not the late- ’80s R&B group — might even greet you at the door.

Guestroom has created a space (at its Norman location, too) that’s laid-back and inviting. Like it on Facebook, because the place frequently offers concert tickets and other promotions, and you want to stay in the loop.

If you’re a noob to vinyl, getting a turntable might be high-priority. Or maybe your beloved player needs some work. If so, Charlie’s Jazz-Rhythm and Blues (5114 Classen Circle; 843-6902) will get you set up. Tucked next to the Classen Grill and across the
street from Edna’s Bar & Grill, this music lover’s haven has been
jamming since the late 1980s.

Shop owner Charlie Nicholson is a friendly soul who can answer all
your questions and, if you have time, tell you a great story or play a
hand of dominoes with you.

records is about more than just loving music — it’s an artistic
endeavor. You might be a new collector or a decades-long aficionado.

Either way, the metro boasts a bounty of terrific record stores where you can get your fix. Let’s shop, OKC!

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