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With "Spring Break," director Sean S. Cunningham revisited the sex-crazed teens that made him a rich man three years earlier with "Friday the 13th." Only this time, he didn't kill them.

But you may wish he had.

"Spring Break" is one of those harmless, but completely stupid T&A comedies that helped define the 1980s, but with the exception of two scenes, is surprisingly light on those two letters. The story "? such as it is "? concerns two nerdy guys and two cool guys in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for the title holiday of debauchery. Through a sitcom-ready presence, the unlikable, polar-opposite pairs are given the same fleabag hotel room.

No matter. Fun will be had by them, and maybe even more with their combined efforts. The flimsy screenplay then trots out a belly flop competition, a wet T-shirt contest, Galaga playing tips, a man in a gorilla suit, male Speedos and severely outdated hairstyles. Former Penthouse Pet Corrine Alphen is like the film's Shannon Tweed, yet doesn't disrobe, which is like hiring David Copperfield for a party, but not letting him perform magic tricks.

Watching it made me dumber, but at least it didn't kill me. As far as extras go, the disc contains a worse-for-the-wear trailer.

"?Rod Lott


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