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Spring brings crappie out for Okie fishermen



For some Oklahoma fisherman, one of the tastier fillets is crappie. Considered one of the easier species to catch, crappie is best caught in spring.

Through March and April, crappie swim into shallower waters to spawn, particularly around areas of brush or wood. Minnows and jigs work best for catching crappie.
There are two types of crappie: white and black.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation considers the following lakes as crappie hot spots for 2007:
" Hugo,
" Fort Gibson,
" Kaw,
" Birch, and
" Copan.

However, crappie can be found at just about any decent-sized body of water in the state.

The largest white crappie ever snagged in state weighed 4 pounds, 15 ounces, and was caught in a Kingfisher County pond nearly 16 years ago. The record for the largest black crappie is one of the oldest fishing records in the state: Rollie Williams caught a 4-pound, 10-ounce crappie in 1974 at a pond in Ottawa County.

Barry Bolton with the Wildlife Department said reports already are coming in with fishermen hooking crappie in shallow waters. "Scott Cooper

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