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Spring Sipping



Here are a pair of red wines, a white wine and a blush for you to enjoy on decks, balconies and lawns this Easter season (when the weather cooperates anyway).

Santa Margherita — Pinot Grigio - BERLIN GREEN
  • Berlin Green
  • Santa Margherita — Pinot Grigio
Santa Margherita — Pinot Grigio

From the first company to bring the pink Pinot Grigio grapes to America as a white wine comes the 2021 Valdadige vintage. A nicely balanced wine that pairs well with light spring and summer meals, this Italian Pinot Grigio isn’t too dry, which makes it perfect for a bottle shared with late sunsets and pre-summer temperatures.

Francis Coppola — Diamond Series Claret - BERLIN GREEN
  • Berlin Green
  • Francis Coppola — Diamond Series Claret

Francis Coppola — Diamond Series Claret

Known for classic films, Francis Coppola also presents classic wine styles, as evidenced by this British-inspired 1910-style Cabernet Sauvignon. This Cab is blended in the classic Bordeaux style which makes its flavor rich and textured. A dramatic flair to this vintage is the gold netting, as once was the norm in European wine presentation.

Ste Chateau Michelle — Rosé - BERLIN GREEN
  • Berlin Green
  • Ste Chateau Michelle — Rosé

Ste Chateau Michelle — Rosé

This Rosé, while sweet and slightly sparkling, is best served as a companion to charcuterie boards, soft cheese and seafoods. A bit dry, this 2020 Columbia Valley wine won’t overload you with sugar if you intend to share a bottle with friends while the sun still shines. Just slightly over the Rosé average at 13 percent, this one is on par with the Pinot Noirs selected for the season even though it’s less full-bodied.

Elouan — Pinot Noir - BERLIN GREEN
  • Berlin Green
  • Elouan — Pinot Noir

Elouan — Pinot Noir

Made from Pinot Noir grapes from three regions on Oregon’s Pacific Coast, this wine is made in the Copper Cane style, or wines sourced from Napa Valley vineyards. This style allowed common wine drinkers to indulge in luxury wines at a reasonable price and the 2018 blend provides a rich, full flavor without costing an arm and a leg.

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