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Springtime spooks



Halloween comes early at the first Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds
Scaretacular, offering a fright night of thrills — perfect for Friday
the 13th.

“I think the high level of realism and in-your-face terror will set us apart from the rest of our competitors,” said Gary Berger, one of four co-creators, and who has staged a successful haunted house in his home. “We are just four guys who really have fun scaring you, and I think that will transcend into the frights you will feel.”

The team isn’t just stopping at making you feel the Scaretacular experience; it also is bringing in specialists who will facilitate paranormal activity observation.

“We are going to have three societies there to demonstrate some of their ghostfinding equipment. We will have eight night-vision cameras set up to hopefully capture a real paranormal event,” said cocreator John Pagonis.

If coming face-to-face with Casper is more than you can handle, the night also offers food, entertainment and some special guests.

Oklahoma’s legendary television horror host, Count Gregore, will emerge from his castle to sign autographs and take photos. Horror artist Felix Matos and horror author Dennis McDonald also will be on hand.

The festivities include a screening room for horror films, Wild Al’s food truck and other vendors.

“This is an all-ages event, so bring the family and share in the fright,” Berger said.

The kids can skip the R-rated screaming sessions and opt for facepainting if they want.

would love to grow the event into a total fright fest and hold haunted
events throughout the year, including an annual 5K zombie survival run,”
said Pagonis.

Scott Lancaster, the event’s light and sound man, hopes to bring more buzz to Guthrie and keep people jumping out of their skin for years to come.

“Look out, Oklahoma! Guthrie Haunts has you now!” he said.

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