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Standard Operating Procedure




Reviewer's grade: B

Oscar-winning documentary director Errol Morris ("The Fog of War") takes us behind the walls of the Abu Ghraib interrogation center in Iraq for an examination of the horrors inflicted there by American soldiers on Iraqi men who had, as far as the Army knew, committed no acts of violence against the United States or its people.

Only Americans were interviewed for the film and they admitted that Iraqi men who looked fit enough to be terrorists were kidnapped from the streets and from their homes and psychologically "broken down" by humiliation before the CIA took a whack at them with physical abuse.

The movie doesn't tell us much we didn't already know but does go into some depth about the kind of people who enjoyed inflicting the degradation. This one is tough to watch as it further humiliates the victims by showing all of us the photos and tapes of them. Since nothing of value was elicited from any of them, it's not hard to pity the poor bastards. R

 "?Doug Bentin


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