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Starlight Mints join Ghouls Gone Wild parade performers



Starlight Mints will join the staggering ranks of specters, spooks and spirits summoned for this year's "Ghouls Gone Wild" Halloween parade, drummer Andy Nunez confirmed last week.

The Norman band will join the parade as musical representatives of the Norman Music Festival, he said.

The Mints, heralded for delivering indie pop songs that pulse with eclectic layers of melody, will join hometown heroes The Flaming Lips for Oklahoma Gazette's Oct. 25 parade " the second annual costumed march and art party freak-out.

Lips front man Wayne Coyne served as grand marshal in last year's parade, orchestrating hundreds of torch-bearing skeletons as they marched down Automobile Alley into Bricktown. The 2008 parade, which begins at 7 p.m. in MidTown near N.W. 13th Street and Walker Avenue, will be led by "Next Elvira" April Wahlin, winner of Fox's 2007 reality television series "The Search for the Next Elvira." 

"Ghouls Gone Wild" is an open opportunity for bands, artists, performers, dancers and creative people off all types to hit the streets and have your freak flag seen. It's a spotlight you could share with a Grammy-winning band, well-known local and national artists, and acclaimed personalities.

Clothing designers: How about a zombie fashion show? Tattoo artists: Ever thought about doing a little live ink? And musicians: They make flatbed trucks, marching drums and portable generators for a reason.

If you want to participate or volunteer for 2008 "Ghouls Gone Wild," e-mail me at "Joe Wertz

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