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State politicians put words behind them and agree on budget



The Woodstock moment arrived just in time at the state Capitol. After weeks of throwing dirty-mouth-filled balloons at each other, the governor and Legislature came to an agreement on the state budget. While all the major players involved in the budget negotiations praised each other for their bipartisan efforts in reaching a budget, we at CFN believe other forces brought about a deal.


Here are the key words of wisdom bombed across the floors at the Capitol that led to peace and harmony:

"The governor's behavior is bewildering and, quite frankly, a little childish. The talk at the Capitol is Governor (Brad) Henry's behavior would qualify him for his own proposed kindergarten-for-3-year-olds program." "Senate Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee, May 8 "The governor's ego is writing checks the state treasury can't cash." "Sen. Mike Johnson, May 8 "Many legislators are growing increasingly concerned that Governor Henry's incessant whining may be an attempt to undo the renewed spirit of bipartisan cooperation that we in the Legislature have worked so hard to establish this year." "Coffee, March 20 "That's nuts." "State Treasurer Scott Meacham, March 22 "The governor continues to sit on the sidelines and throw rocks at our ideas without submitting any of his own. "¦ This is theater of the absurd." "House Speaker Lance Cargill, April 11

And, of course, who can forget:

"The politics has gotten too political." "The honorable Henry in late March

With the professional prose exhibited by the state's esteemed elected officials, it is easy to see how a $7 billion budget was crafted "¦ with Crayons.

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