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State's newest semipro hoops squad looking for a few good women



The Oklahoma Angels are the most recent addition to the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League, a semipro developmental league which allows players to hone their skills and hopefully draw the attention of scouts from overseas and the WNBA.

"These girls were at the top from their colleges," said Claude Stuart, team owner and general manager. "Many of them have already played overseas or even in the WNBA, but had injuries and had to drop down to other leagues. This league's emphasis is on giving players experience and attention so they can play overseas or at a higher level."

Mallory Williams is a two-guard who has played on the exhibition team and was trying out for the Angels. She described herself a run-and-gun playmaker, and said that the league's fast pace is suited to her style. She hopes to use the exposure to get a tryout with an overseas team.

"Basketball is my first love, so I'm trying to be a professional and continue my basketball career," Williams said.

Originally from New York, Williams came to Oklahoma to play college ball for Langston University. She thinks the Angels have a good chance of putting together a strong team.

"It's basketball. I'll always travel for basketball," she said. "My goal is to go overseas and then come back for the WNBA. I'm going to keep playing until both of my knees blow out."

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