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Stay off the roads



James M. Branum (Letters, "Curbed enthusiasm," June 9, Gazette) makes a few interesting points about cyclists riding on the streets of OKC. Yes, according to Oklahoma law, Title 47 of the Motor Vehicle code, it is legal to ride a bicycle on OKC streets.

When cyclists "take the lane," or they "ride assertively," this will force the motorists passing them to move over to another lane to pass a "vehicle" moving approximately 15 mph. Since cyclists are not required to carry insurance, or have a tag, or lights or any safety equipment, this is not only putting the cyclist in danger, but the passing motorists as well.

When cyclists ride in rush-hour traffic " or other heavy traffic  " this is irresponsible and just plain dangerous. Weaving in and out of traffic, blowing through stop signs, no signals and very slow-moving "vehicles" are just a few of the many reasons why cyclists should stay off the roads designed for motor-vehicle traffic.

Cyclists seem to be their own worst enemy. This begs the questions: Just because it is legal to do something, should you?

"Keith Kelley

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