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Staying put



With the days of the Henry family living in the governor's mansion nearing an end, the time had come for Brad and Kim to decide whether to head back home to Shawnee or find new dwellings to store their gubernatorial memorabilia.

After living for many years in the metro area, they have decided Oklahoma City is not such a bad place to call home.

The Henrys have purchased a nice, upscale house in northeast OKC to call home. The 5,789-square-foot, two-story residence rests comfortably on 1.4 acres in the Dutch Forest neighborhood near Bryant and N.E. 122nd. Built in 1996, the home is valued at just more than $1 million. The Henrys paid a little less than $800,000. Not bad Brad " we can see how you deal with the state's budget crisis.

In a story from The AP, the governor said because he has two daughters attending the University of Oklahoma, he and the first lady wanted to stay nearby. Governor, you may be good at finding great deals on homes, but your map reading needs improvement: Northeast Oklahoma City is nowhere near the OU campus in south Norman.

The new Henry neighborhood is roughly 30 miles from OU and a 43-minute commute, according to Google Maps. The website calculates that's only 14 fewer minutes from a Shawnee-to-Norman drive, and probably less traffic.

Brad and Kim might even make it Tulsa faster, now living just a mile from the Turner Turnpike.
But the governor was never known for his timing ability during his administration. Ever been to one of his press conferences? If you are running late, don't worry. You could stop for a doughnut and still get there before Henry walks in.

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