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Step Up 2 the Streets




 "Step Up 2 the Streets" is, when the dancing pauses, about as interesting as a photo snapped with the lens cap still on.

Andie (attractive Briana Evigan) is a Baltimore high school student who keeps going by her membership in a dance crew that lives to compete in "The Streets," an impromptu competition. At her new school, she meets Chase (Robert Hoffman), whose interest in modern dance is soon shifted to the kind of steppin' she practices, and Moose (newcomer Adam G. Sevani), the obligatory doofus whose ugly goofiness hides brilliance on the dance floor. The three of them recruit the rest of their new crew from the school's oddballs and loners, all of whom, of course, can dance, dance, dance.

Books used to tell you it was possible to write a screenplay in 10 days, but I think Toni Ann Johnson and Karen Barna knocked this one out before supper. It is amazingly clich


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