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Steven Seagal: Lawman - The Complete Season One



For a reality series that takes the premise of "Cops" and simply adds a thick, gooey layer of Steven Seagal up top, A&E's "Steven Seagal: Lawman" is strangely unsatisfying.

As inane as it sounds, the once-mighty action star has been a reserve deputy with the Louisiana's Jefferson Parish for some two decades. But now that he's no longer heading up blockbusters like "Under Siege" and "Exit Wounds," Seagal apparently has more time on his hands to fight crime.

The show "? whose first season comes to DVD with all 13 episodes intact "? follows him doing just that. Well, for about half of it, at least. The other half finds him imparting wisdom to fellow officers, blabbering on about Zen/Buddist methods and discussing his favorite subject: himself. Seagal delights in discussing himself in the third person whenever possible. Even in the credits sequence, he can't resist a bit of name-dropping: "That's right. I'm Steven Seagal."

Whether on the field or off "? and I much prefer the "on," when he can't "perform" his "music" "? the events are overly showy, as if staged solely for the benefit of the camera. If they're not, then Seagal is so bad an actor, he can't even play himself. I could only take about three episodes before giving up; I imagine his fellow officers wish they had a similar, real-life option.

I do love how the generic titles of the episodes ("To Live or Die," ""Street Justice," "Narc Force") are virtually indistinguishable from his recent direct-to-video efforts ("Today You Die," "Urban Justice," "Attack Force"). "?Rod Lott

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