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Sticky stakes



Arguably the world's most famous gas station/diner with a giant soda bottle outside, Arcadia's iconic Pops is poised to sell its millionth bottle of pop, having opened three years ago.

To celebrate, whoever buys that benchmark bottle of carbonated water " perhaps even by press time " is going to drive off from the Route 66 spot with a wealth of prizes, according to a press release. His or her booty will include soda for a year, 66 free hamburgers, 66 scoops of ice cream, 2,400 miles' worth of gas and a bear hug from Pops architect Rand Elliott.

We may have made that last one up. But for those who don't specialize in arcane trivia, 2,400 equates (roughly) to the length of Route 66. For Pops' financial sake, let's hope the winner drives a Prius, not a Hummer.

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