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Still a sportscaster



Cornett’s belief that the Thunder has
transformed the city’s image is the kind of superficial observation one
would expect from a talking head. Let me test his hypothesis: Oklahoma
City is now nationally regarded as a place where one can attend a very
popular sporting event. Footage of Thunder games on national television
shows that Oklahomans love professional basketball. Are we improving our
image by being seen as a state where professional basketball is just as
popular as college football?

How about mentioning the
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, where researchers hold more than
500 U.S. and international patents and have spun off 11 biotech
companies? What about The Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, rapidly
becoming one of the premier pediatric medical facilities in the nation?
Perhaps a mention of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, home to the
world’s most comprehensive collection of Chihuly glass?

Oh, never mind. Why would I expect a sportscaster to care about anything but sports?

—Jim Henry, Oklahoma City

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