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Still the 'Oklahoma Standard'



lived in Oklahoma City for just three years, so this is my first “let’s
all pull together” Okie moment. Nicole Hill (“To be an Oklahoman”)
summed it up wonderfully. This place gets in your blood really quickly.
And now that the degree of separation is no more than two for everyone
in OKC regarding the May storms, I, too, can say these people are my
people. Or, I’m one of the people. The Oklahoma Standard is no longer
just a proud phrase. To me, it’s now very real.

As both
Hill and Andrew Rice (“MAPS for trauma”) pointed out, action is needed
going forward for more storm shelters and mental health resources. The
Oklahoma Standard gives what we can when it is needed most. These
resources are needed badly. Let’s not give up or give in.

—Brad Walker
Oklahoma City

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