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Stillwater hosts annual 'Testicle Festival'



Feeling saggy? You should've been in Stillwater the other night. We understand it was the place to let it all hang out.

For the 18th year, the college town played host to Tumbleweed Dance Hall and Concert Arena's annual Calf Fry, aka the "Testicle Festival" " a four-day celebration of country music and fried bovine balls. Some 30,000 people were expected, so if one were to do the math " lessee, 30,000 times two is "¦ 60,000, right? Heck, that's a lot of lumps! (Then again, it's just a matter of doubling the recipe.)

Participating this year " providing tunes, that is, not testes " were Cross Canadian Ragweed (whose 2004 album "Soul Gravy" sort of fits the theme), Pat Green (2006's "Cannonball," ditto) and Jason Boland (1999's "Pearl Snaps," snicker). The lovely Miranda Lambert was there, too, but CFN won't disparage her, lest we risk a kick you-know-where.

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