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Stolen Babies-There Be Squabbles Ahead



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Stolen Babies is a four-piece art school outfit from sunny Los Angeles, where a lot of it happens. Stolen Babies' debut CD is a fantastic combo platter of circus music, old school horror movie jams, pop, goth, new wave, funk-rock, hardcore, screamcore, show-hall jazz and fierce rock 'n' roll.
Lead singer Dominique Lenore Persi is a confident multi-styled artist' she can be cute 'n' snotty and then in the chorus scream like a woman warrior at the wheel. Stolen Babies, as a band, is tight and plays it interesting to skull-ripping rocking.
Stolen Babies' "There Be Squabbles Ahead" is a show on a spinning disc. The two tons of good, varied ideas come across in full, freaky, thought-out formation. For a debut full-length album, the Stolen Babies are very mature, as players, performers and writers; the musicianship is the perfect undercoating for the melodic and thrashing Persi. Stolen Babies' "There Be Squabbles Ahead" is the next great disc in your collection if you play it right.
- H. Barry Zimmerman

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