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Stonehenge Apocalypse



"Stonehenge Apocalypse" is more fun to say than it is to watch. The Canadian production pegs itself as along the lines of Roland Emmerich's recent "2012," but it's more like a 2.

The disaster movie is indeed a disaster, aping "2012" in more ways than one. From the start, with its conspiracy-happy radio personality and startled citizens gasping as Stonehenge's rocks cheesily move on their own, it's clear this seemingly made-for-Syfy project isn't going to expend much effort, nor set the bar high. Bar? What bar?

I'll admit, after a third of no-names spewing technobabble while straining to Look and Act Serious, I was so bored, I threw in the proverbial towel. Oh, Canada. "?Rod Lott

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