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Stop tolerating injustice



According to "The Israel Lobby," a book by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt (both university professors), as of 2005 the U.S. gave Israel $154 billion. We continue to give Israel more than any other nation and don't require accountability for the huge sums given to them.
When Vice President Joe Biden was in Israel recently, Israel's right-wing government arrogantly announced that it would be building settlements in East Jerusalem, which is Palestinian territory. My question is, why do we allow Israel to build settlements in Palestinian territory? Also, when Israel indiscriminately bombed Gaza, there was no official recrimination from the U.S. Why?
Since our president favors a two-state nation for what used to be Palestine, why, when Israel refuses to cooperate, don't we impose sanctions and threaten to withhold foreign aid? It should be clear by now that Israel is determined to take all of Palestine. This has caused the Palestinians much hardship. It's time to show Israel that we will no longer tolerate this injustice.

"Gwen Harrison

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