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Stop worrying, we're not Europe



live in Austria, a country that has been ruled by socialists with only a
few periods in opposition since 1945. Let me assure you all, the U.S.
is not becoming Europe.

Austria, health care is totally universal, financed by employers,
workers and taxes. Seeing a physician is never a problem, as they
recognize that it is both cost- and care-effective to provide care at a
doctor’s office, rather than through an emergency room.

in the U.S., where skyrocketing health care costs previously threatened
national bankruptcy, Austria’s health costs are well controlled, while
providers are fairly compensated for their services. Doctors, not
bureaucrats, are firmly in control of medical decisions.

of more effective and universal preventive care, Austrians live longer,
suffer lower rates of disease and obesity, and pay less.

what does it say of conservatives’ faith in the idea of America that
one president with an unfriendly Congress can totally transform the U.S.
in just three years? Is one element of the nation’s greatness not found
in its enduring and living Constitution? In the strength of its

—Andrew A. Kierig, Salzburg, Austria

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