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Storage 24



Among the few unfortunates sealed within its labyrinthian walls are a newly dumped Charlie (Doghouse’s Noel Clarke, who also scripted) and his ex, Shelly (Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Albert Nobbs), both of whom have come to retrieve their stuff. Each has brought a friend, too: Mark (Colin O’Donoghue, The Rite) and Nikki (Laura Haddock, The Inbetweeners Movie). Drama heightens between them when it’s revealed Mark and Shelly secretly have betrayed Noel.

All this, of course, will mean jack squat if they don’t find a way to hightail their tails outta the place before the ooey-gooey creature with the sideways spider mouth rips them to bloody shreds. Good thing someone's storing fireworks!

As is transparent, Storage 24 owes a great debt to the Alien franchise, particularly with all the play in the venting tunnels, yet feels as average as Alien: Resurrection. Director Johannes Roberts shoots with slickness as he makes good use of the site’s tight quarters and dark corners, but you’ve seen the story all before. This British production adds nothing new beyond unfamiliar faces; pay particular attention to Haddock’s. (It shan't be tough, gents.)

The ending’s fun, if expected. For sci-fi scares, you could do much, much worse. It’s not bad; it’s just not memorable.  —Rod Lott

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