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Strain Review: Ajo



Strain name: Ajo

Grown by: The Hive Collective

Acquired from: The Joint Cannabis Club

Date acquired: March 4

Physical traits: light green with wiry orange stigmas

Bouquet: earthy and gassy

Review: I certainly didn’t mean to end up with two garlic strains this round, but I don’t speak Spanish, so I didn’t learn that “ajo” literally means “garlic” until after I loaded my first bowl of this one. That being said, this one definitely has more gas on the inhale and exhale than garlic. I’m told that this run also has an apple cross of some kind in it, which explains the lower level of stink. Ajo was extremely relaxing at the end of a long day when I was still amped up from a marathon of productivity, putting me to sleep within about half an hour from a wide-awake state. For that reason, I’ve left it on my nightstand and haven’t risked loading this one up during daylight hours.

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