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Strain Review: Black Horizon



Strain name: Black Horizon

Grown by: Stability Cannabis

Acquired from: Stability Cannabis

Date acquired: Aug. 24

Physical traits: various hues of green with wiry orange stigmas

Bouquet: gassy and piney

Review: Named after the final track on Gov’t Mule’s 12th album, “Black Horizon” opens with a somewhat-apt review for the strain itself: “Red sun sinking down in the valley/Even sinking down myself/I'm tired, I can feel me turning into someone else/Into someone else.” Though the lyrics are somewhat bleak (no surprise given the title), the strain’s effects aren’t nearly so cumbersome. There’s an intense head high but none of the couchlock you might expect from this collaboration between Stability Cannabis and the band, so if you’re feeling meta, fire some of this one up before the band’s show at The Jones Assembly Sept. 20.

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