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Strain Review: Bubble Bath



Strain name: Bubble Bath

Grown by: Altvm

Acquired from: Platinum Leaf

Date acquired: Aug. 25

Physical traits: frosted light green and orange

Bouquet: gassy with hints of floral notes

Review: This stylish new dispensary opened this summer along Western Avenue on the stretch near Good Times and Zuma. The budtender without hesitation produced this gorgeous flower when asked his favorite on-shelf strain. Altvm — the growing arm behind Electraleaf and Oklahoma’s Cookies operation — has won numerous awards for their flower and show no signs of slowing. This trichome-encrusted cross between The Soap and Project 4516 is bursting gas and smokes far smoother than expected by the rich aroma when ground. Billed as an indica-dominant hybrid, Bubble Bath provides relaxing and euphoric effects for those times when you really want to unwind and decompress — much like its name suggests.

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