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Strain Review: Chem Cookies



Strain name: Chem Cookies
Grown by: Stability Cannabis
Acquired from: Cannabless (323 NW 23rd St.)
Date acquired: Dec. 12
Physical traits: purple and light green densely coated in trichomes
Bouquet: earthy and floral

Review: Dropped into this spot after an oversight created a need and perused the reasonably-priced top shelf. Settled on the Chem Cookies, even though neither Chemdawg nor Girl Scout Cookies are favored strains. I let my eye and nose guide me. It wasn’t until after a solid first round that I remembered to call and get the grower’s name. Now, I’m not going to lie. I toured Stability’s facility in the early days and I sampled several strains of their flower over the first year and it wasn’t a favorite so I haven’t followed up with them. But Chem Cookies, even though it’s not the most exotic strain around by half, really does it for me. Bag appeal, good nose, deceptively strong effects with exceedingly long duration are a good reminder that sometimes the simpler things, the classics, can be worth revisiting.

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