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Strain Review: Citradelic Sunset



Strain name: Citradelic Sunset

Grown by: Tradecraft Farms

Acquired from: Tradecraft Farms

Date acquired: Feb. 2

Physical traits: frosted light green and orange

Bouquet: strong citrus with a mint hint

Review: Strong citrus strains either mean one of two things for me: I’m either about to have the most zippity-doo-dah day or I’m about to get a strong dose of empathy for people with anxiety. It really is a crapshoot: One of these strains ends up on my favorites list (like XJ-13) and the other makes the next hour or so a white-knuckle adventure never to be repeated. Citradelic Sunset falls into the former category, and Tradecraft Farms’ latest run of it puts it in a distinguished class. That annoying chore you’ve been putting off for weeks? Smoke a bit of this and that stupid task isn’t half as jarring as a speed bump. Their Gelato X Dosi (Gelato 33 crossed with Do-Si-Dos) run serves the opposite effect, bringing the day down in the gentlest of runway landings. Hadn’t been here since the very early Cali Roots days, but the quality is certainly on par now as then.

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