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Strain Review: Cowboy Cup indoor flower entry #98 (strain unknown)


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Strain name: Cowboy Cup indoor flower entry #98 (strain unknown)

Grown by: ???
Acquired from: The Lettuce Bar Date acquired: Oct. 12

Physical traits: purple and light green with wiry stigmas and frosted trichomes

Bouquet: gassy and sweet

Review: Of the 82 samples provided for the second judges' pack (there were so many entries that the packs were split into two groups), this one was the shining star in my opinion. Everything was right on the button: appearance, aroma, taste and effects. Each criteria was as close to perfection for my tastes as I’ve ever experienced. Using the “follow your nose” style of strain selection has always been my preference and, once you understand terpene composition and combination, you can usually trust your olfactory bulb to lead you in the right direction. Calming, energizing, uplifting and sleep-inducing depend- ing on your mood and time of day, this one is a strain for all seasons. If its identity is revealed after judging is completed, I’ll put the name and grower in my piece about judging my first cup in the Dec. 8 issue. Hopefully my fellow judges will see the same things I did, but cannabis tastes and effects being highly individualized, I won’t criticize my fellow panelists if this one doesn’t make it as a finalist, but for my money, this one gets the blue ribbon.

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