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Strain Review: Divine Gelato



Strain name:  Divine Gelato

Grown by: Medicine Man

Acquired from:  High Society

Date acquired: May 27

THC/CBD percentages: 14.37 percent/0 percent (per Highgrade Labs)

Physical traits: purple and light green with densely frosted trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and gassy

Review: After smoking this, I’ve decided that this will be the last review I write with THC percentages. This Divine Gelato tested below 15 percent and its terpenes tested at 2.39 percent, but that tells you nothing about how good of a smoke this one is. Nothing against Highgrade Labs. They’re good people doing good work and I don’t doubt their analysis, but man. This one glistens in the light, tastes like a dream and puts me in an elevated but calm mood. This one is going in the personal stash and labeled as an “anytime” strain. Low doses do the job but heavier hitting isn’t overbearing either.

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