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Strain Review: Eastside MAC



Strain name: Eastside MAC

Grown by: Spring Farms

Acquired from: Midwest Cures

Date acquired: Oct. 4

Physical traits: purple and light green

Bouquet: earthy and sweet

Review: A cross between two potent strains, Eastside OG and Miracle Alien Cookies AKA MAC, this one is no joke. As best anyone can tell, Eastside is a combination of multiple Ocean Grown strains, while the MAC comes from a particularly strong lineage. Whereas a straight MAC#1 (Capulator cut) will leave your face on the floor, the balance of the OG strain with this cross keeps you upright. Definitely more on the relaxing and euphoric side than a sleeper, which allows for daytime consumption rather than a nightstand strain. Spring Farms also produced another run from some of these genetics, Adam’s OG, which also definitely does some damage if you don’t check your consumption. Word is that their Terple run will also be particularly potent if you’re looking for something strong.

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