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Strain Review: Forbidden Zkittlez



Strain name: Forbidden Zkittlez

Grown by: Emerald Technologies

Acquired from: Classen Kush House

Date acquired: Sept 14

Physical traits: frosted light green and purple

Bouquet: earthy, fruity and gassy

Review: A stop into Classen Kush House always guarantees a vast selection designed to fit any budget. A longtime fan of Forbidden Fruit, I selected the Forbidden Zkittlez which crosses Forbidden Fruit, Mendo Royal, and California Black Rosé to make a relaxing body high without being too heady. With undertones of sweet fruits and spiced grapes that fill your mouth with their heavy sugary pungency with each puff, this flower has a delectable flavor. Emerald Technologies isn’t a household name in the cannabis industry yet, but they speak loudly.

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