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Strain Review: Fruit Flambe



Strain name: Fruit Flambe

Grown by: Classen Farms

Acquired from: Classen Collective

Date acquired: March 10

Physical traits: light green and frosted with trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and sour

Review: This one was love at first whiff. It has everything that sets off bells and lights in the olfactory bulb, with strong citrus backed by sweet notes and that certain deep-down sour scent that comes from many of the “pie” strains, a sharp turn at the end of the inhale. The smoke itself is smooth and tasty and the high matches, with a head-swimming intensity that lasts the duration. While Classen Collective stocks plenty of strains from the open market, this Fruit Flambe from their own farm was the final choice (of four strong contenders) and was a good one.

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