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Strain Review: G13


  • G13

Strain name: G13
Grown by: Gatsby Cannabis Co. Acquired from: Gatsby Cannabis Co. Date acquired: July 20

Physical traits: light to dark green Bouquet: earthy and sweet

Review: This new spot might be the most unique dispensary concept experienced to date in the metro. Upon entrance, a mirror pulls away and, after providing your license, you’re welcomed into a speakeasy-style dispensary through a second entrance behind a moveable bookcase. The killer deals on all the flower inside allows you to sample a broad number of strains without breaking the bank. Hard to choose between all of their varieties of “chemical-free” flower, but the G-13 here is the winner. A hard-hitting chiller strain, this is one that is referenced in numerous urban cannabis legends for

a reason. Whatever its origin, the care taken with this particular run brings
out both its bold flavor and its powerful effects. A Peach Pie preroll to bring the lift back up once it wanes worked wonders too.

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