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Strain Review: Garlotti



Strain name: Garlotti

Grown by: Crush Cannabis

Acquired from: Eden Rose (Edmond)

Date acquired: March 1

Physical traits: Light green and purple, densely frosted

Bouquet: earthy and gassy

Review: This one is a Trojan horse. It smells super earthy until you start grinding it up and then that sickly sweet garlic stink rears its head. Great smoke with a euphorically alert yet relaxed effect, but it stinks before it’s lit. I know lots of people love that salty, pungent smoke but it evens out on the exhale. No saltiness on your tongue after, but a prolonged and pleasant experience. If you like this one, you should also definitely check out the Crush Cannabis run of Freshwater Taffy. Very different taste but also provides an extremely even high. Eden Rose produces their own pre-rolls, edibles, and just about every other product in house at their Oklahoma City store, but their flower curation has set them aside since they opened their doors (and continues now as they expand locations).

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