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Strain Review: Glazed Apricot Gelato



Strain name:   Glazed Apricot Gelato 

Grown by: Resonant Cultivation

Acquired from:  Mosaic

Date acquired: May 20

THC/CBD percentages: 22.3 percent/0 percent  (per Cannabest Labs)

Physical traits: Purple and dark green with wiry orange stigmas and frosted with trichomes

Bouquet: Sweet and pungently sour

Review: Ice Cream Cake is one of those indicas that, if grown well, will just absolutely clobber you. It had been a while since taking this one, but this run from Elite Leaf was solid. And while they did not have any Wedding Cake on shelf, they do have the other cross, Gelato #33, which is equally as hard-hitting. A heavy but smooth smoke, this one is definitely going to try to make you take a seat, but a mixture of the Ice Cream Cake with Elite Leaf’s Orange Cookies provides the perfect balance of relaxation and focus.


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