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Strain Review: Gush Mints



Strain name: Gush Mints

Grown by: Golden Blood Cannabis Co.

Acquired from: Golden Bloom Cannabis Co.

Date acquired: April 27

Physical traits: frosted bright green

Bouquet: gassy and sweet

Review: With thousands of grows and thousands more dispensaries across the state, it comes as no surprise that years after medicinal cannabis became legal in the state, one can easily find new-to-you operations that really do it right, especially if located off your beaten path. Golden Bloom is one such company. With a sizable grow and constant genetic experimentation, it’s no wonder that their Gush Mints is dialed in so well. Gassy, sweet strains are the specialty, with the Fritter Mints being on par with the Gush Mints and their run of the ever-popular Ice Cream Cake as good as anything you’ve ever had from the Oklahoma market.

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