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Strain Review: Ice Cream Sundae



Strain name: Ice Cream Sundae

Grown by: Great Spirits

Acquired from: American Cannabis Company (7025 NW 122nd St.)

Date acquired: June 23

Physical traits: frosted green tones with wiry stigmas

Bouquet: sweet with a sour note

Review: Pitting budtenders against one another to help select a strain for review can be great fun. One’s top pick is hated by the other and vice versa, but eventually an agreement is reached. In this case, it was Ice Cream Sundae by Great Spirits. While the breeder has not disclosed the strain’s genealogy, it can be inferred from both name and potency that its a descendent of Ice Cream Cake, but this run has a strong sour undertone as well, so an assumption that there’s a Cherry Pie cross in there probably isn’t too far off (and fits with the name). The smoke itself is gentle but the effects can easily pile on, so take it slowly if your tolerance is lower. Side note: Great Spirits’ social media is not typical of your average cannabis cultivator — learned that when looking for more strains they produce.

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